Sophie and Chloe, the Social Butterflies

It was a whirlwind day for the girls. Chloe and two of her friends walked to the nearby town center – by themselves – for lunch at the local pizza joint. One of her friends has a phone and sent me periodic text messages to confirm all was going well.


They had fun. Went to the local bookstore and sat laughing in the kids’ section over a book about puberty.

While the girls were on their walk, Chloe received a call from another friend who was looking for someone to join her at the movies. Chloe wasn’t the friend’s first choice (indeed, the friend had first tried calling the friend Chloe was having lunch with), but Chloe didn’t mind. A few of them ended up going to the movies together. I haven’t seen her since around 1:30 this afternoon. This is what happens when your kid blossoms from a child caterpillar into an adolescent social butterfly.

As for Sophie, she fell asleep about 10 minutes ago, next to one of her BFFs. The two monkeys had a grand ‘ole time fooling around, capping off a week of play date after play date for our little 6-year old.

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