Sophie’s Having a Baby!

Sophie stuffed a soccer ball underneath her pajamas the other night and pretended to have a baby in her belly.  I then took the soccer ball and stuffed it under my shirt so she could see what I looked like when she was in my belly.  I got a big guffaw out of her for that one.


Sophie is reading more and more.  Multi-syllabic words.  Entire books.  She’s not yet interested in reading books to herself, but I told her the same thing tonight that I told Chloe when she first started reading:  when you read to yourself, cozy in bed, you enter another world.  She smiled.  The wheels are starting to turn in her little curly head.

Chloe was officially reading chapter books to herself at the beginning of second grade.  I’m willing to wager that Sophie might hit that milestone just a little bit faster.  Chloe, I’m sure, will beg to differ.  Chloe – are you interested in a bet?


Erratum:  Chloe has informed me that she was reading chapter books toward the end of first grade.  Specifically, she was on her 7th Nancy Drew by June 2008.  Which means that Sophie will need to catch up quickly.  Then again, Sophie is also 9 months younger than Chloe.  So I think we should cut the little one some slack, don’t you?

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