The Confiscation Box

Chloe has decreed that every other Friday night is going to be game night.  I know, some of you are groaning at the thought of having to play board games.  Papa hates board games.  I sometimes hate them.  But deep down inside, both Papa and I were flattered that Chloe still wants to play games with us.  It likely won’t last much longer.


Tonight’s inaugural game was Rummikub, one of our favorites, and one that Papa happens to tolerate pretty well.  But before we were allowed to begin playing, Chloe created the “Confiscation Box.”  She ordered us to place our iPhones into said box.  And she stuck to the rule as well, adding her iTouch into the mix. Chloe then took the box out of the dining room so that we would not be tempted to grab our devices while concentrating on the game.

The fact that Chloe felt the need to do this in the first place was pathetic.   But exiling the iPhone for 45 minutes paid off for me.  The only thing about this mandate that made me feel a little less like an iPhone-addicted idiot was that I won the game.