1,200 Posts

It’s a PinkMeNot milestone today.  This is my 1,200th blog post.  Hard to believe I’ve stuck with it for as long as I have.  The girls provide good material. It’s easy to write when you always have something to write about.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I asked Sophie this morning what happened last night.  Apparently, she’s not simply maturing and feeling more independent.  Apparently, I did in fact piss her off.  “You said I was annoying!” she exclaimed.  She wasn’t sad or upset, just stating the facts.

Facts I didn’t quite remember because I was too busy engrossed in “Friday Night Lights” (love that show).

When I told her that she and her sister are alike, and don’t shut up when we watch movies or when I’m trying to watch a show, she smiled.  She smiled some more when I told her that Chloe was more annoying than she is when it comes to yapping.  And then she full-out grinned when Chloe chimed in to agree that she was much more annoying than her little sister.

The girls are still getting along.  Now, that’s really hard to believe.  Maybe they can last 1,200 days without fighting each other.


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