Sophie Disappeared

Until tonight, either Papa or I would put Sophie to bed.  This has been the daily routine since she was born (unless she was with my mom).  We wouldn’t necessarily read to her every night, but at the very least one of us would go upstairs to tuck her in and give her a good night kiss.

But tonight was different.  Sophie and I were in my bed.  She was playing on my iPhone and I was watching “Friday Night Lights” (it’s been my bicycle workout series).  She was asking me lots of questions about the dialogue on the show – and although I love my little one more than anything, she wouldn’t shut up.  So I put on my earphones.

When she realized she could no longer hear the sound, she didn’t seem to mind.  But shortly afterwards, she left the room.  I assumed it was to go to the bathroom or go downstairs.  A few minutes later, Papa came upstairs looking for her and I told him I thought she was with him.  He looked around.

And returned to our bedroom a couple of minutes later to announce that Sophie was fast asleep in her bed.   Under her covers and snoring.  That’s never happened before.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the days of putting her to bed are over, but could this be just another very small step towards independence?

My little Sophie – either she’s growing up or she was just pissed off at me for ignoring her.  I won’t know until tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned.

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