The Passage of Time

Chloe made an interesting, bittersweet observation earlier today while we were out shopping.

Completely out of the blue, she remarked, not without a tinge of sadness, “Sophie and I won’t really hang out a lot together once we’re teenagers.”

When I asked her what prompted the thought, it seemed as though she realized that, with their difference in age, the two of them will be off doing their own things in just a few short years.

Her a-ha moment is one I’m sure many siblings have, but it came as a bit of surprise to me. And perhaps explains the slight decrease in arguments between my two girls, and Chloe’s somewhat improved patience with her little sister.


Could it be that Chloe is finally coming around to the fact that Sophie isn’t so annoying after all? The jury is out. But if, as I told Chloe, she and Sophie enjoy their time together and appreciate each other more and fight less, I’ll take it.

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