What I Learned Today


Grammy had a great idea.  Under the theory that we all learn something new each day, she’s encouraging the girls to keep track of their accumulated knowledge.

For example, Chloe, Sophie and Grammy went to a local zoo yesterday and Chloe learned that she doesn’t like zoos because the animals are kept in captivity.

On the way home from my cousins’ Passover seder this evening, Grammy asked Sophie what she learned today.  And in what came as a shock to all of us, she enthusiastically replied, “I learned that Chloe has a great mind because she told me where to look for the afikomen (hidden matzoh) and I found it!”  I think that has to be the greatest compliment that Sophie has ever paid her older sister.

I’m telling you, they’ve been getting along so well that I’m probably jinxing the love fest simply by mentioning it again.  There’s got to be something in the air.

In the meantime, today I learned that CVS markets two boxes of cold capsules – one labeled “multi-symptom cold relief” and the other labeled “head congestion cold relief.”  The pills in both boxes contain the same exact ingredients.  The only difference:  the “multi-symptom” box costs $0.40 more than the “head congestion” box.  How deceptive is that?


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