Buried Under the Weather

Well, so much for thinking I was getting better.  I wasn’t.  In fact, I got worse.  Went to the doctor this morning who confirmed what I had suspected, which was that I had a nasty gastroenteritis.  Which means that today’s lovely diet consisted of an appetizing mix of Gatorade, Pedialyte (didn’t think I’d see that in my house again until grandkids) and ginger ale.

If I’m lucky, tomorrow I’ll get to feast on organic chicken broth.  And assuming I continue to climb my way back to health, I’ll graduate to BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast).  No raw fruits or vegetables, or milk products for at least one week.

And the kicker?  Is that my wonderful cousin is celebrating her wedding on Saturday.  Not at some run-of-the-mill banquet hall with forgettable, less-than-average food.  But at Restaurant Daniel in Manhattan, which is considered one the best restaurants in the WORLD.  I’m sure their bread is among the best in the world.  What more can I say?  Timing is everything.  Yes it is.


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