Chloe is Designing My Top-Secret App

I had a very good idea a couple of years ago, for a sophisticated, fun cultural app for families.  It was a really good idea.  I promise.  But I haven’t done anything with it, because life is in my way.  Work is too busy, the weekends are too crazy and I don’t have the time I need to devote to it.

But Chloe has not forgotten about my idea.  She loved it then and she still loves it now.  And tonight at dinner with my mom, aunt and uncle she announced that she was going to work on it.

Because when you’re 11 years old and all you have to worry about is 5th grade, you have quite a bit of free time. So Chloe is now officially my partner and will reap the rewards when our creation is chosen as one of Apple’s “Apps of the Week.”

If any 11-year old is capable of pulling this off, my Chloe is the one.  She is going to make us rich.  ‘Cause I sure as hell am not.


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