More Sleepovers

Chloe slept at her best friend’s house on Thursday night (the lucky dogs didn’t have school yesterday).  She confessed to me today (actually, she mentioned it in passing and then I called her out on it) that her friend’s mom (who’s also a close friend of mine) took them our for an ice cream at 11 pm!  I don’t think I ever had a sleepover where the parents took us out for a late night ice cream run.  I was duly impressed.

Tonight is Sophie’s turn.  One of her friends is sleeping over our house.  We took them for ice cream as well, except it was at the much less exciting time of 8 pm.  It is now 11:11 pm, and after watching “Enchanted” (hearing Sophie whisper to her friend, “You have to admit, he is kind of handsome!” was pretty priceless), the girls are still awake.

Sophie is now reading a book to her friend.  Which is very nice.  I just wish Sophie were more interested in reading to herself.  It’ll happen eventually, I hope.  For now, she’s still content to be read to, and relatively content to read to others.

They will be very tired tomorrow.  And cranky too.  Good thing Monday’s a holiday.  That extra day is looking better by the minute.

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