Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day actually started yesterday.  With breakfast in bed.  Pancakes, bacon, milk and orange juice, on a lucite tray I forgot we had, but which was perfect for this purpose.  Chloe, Sophie and Papa accompanied the tray upstairs, and announced its arrival with a clash of cymbals.  The girls made me terrific cards this year.  Colorful and creative.  The presents (outdoor dishes from Crate & Barrel and a new bluetooth headset) didn’t hold a candle to the cards.  It was a pretty cool way to begin a weekend devoted to me.


Yesterday’s breakfast was followed by a couple of hours at the spa, where I had a much-needed massage and facial (which was actually a Christmas/Hanukkah gift).  We then dropped the girls at my mom’s for the night where they did a bunch of crafts projects and helped her prepare for an art show at the local museum.

I continued the self-pampering today, with a manicure and pedicure.  And I relaxed.  And it was nice.   We retrieved the girls from my mom’s this evening and it’s back to the usual hustle and bustle.  Which is ok.  Having enjoyed an overnight without the hustle and bustle, I came to miss it a tiny little bit.

Sophie misses me a lot, I think.  To the point where she essentially admitted that she wouldn’t mind being diagnosed with another ear infection (she was complaining about her ear bothering her a little while ago – I think she’s just tired) if it meant that I’d stay home with her instead of going to work.  If it were up to her, I would have been stay-at-home months ago.  Got to love it when your six-year old doesn’t mince words.

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