The Bicycle Queen

Sophie has been riding her big girl bicycle for almost two weeks now.  As soon as we get home from work, she assaults us at the front door asking us to go outside so she can ride her bike.  Sometimes, she forgets it’s raining outside.

She and I have gone out together the last few evenings and she’s a little speed demon!  She’s making turns, avoiding parked cars and moving cars, and using her hand brake.  And for the first time yesterday she managed to start riding without any help from me.

It’s still amazing to me how quickly a kid can go from “Mommy, I don’t want to ride two wheels.  Mommy, I’m scared.  Mommy, this is too hard!” to “Mommy, Mommy I did it!  I rode my bike!  I didn’t fall!”  Two weeks ago, she took off like a bullet and hasn’t stopped since.

It’s like walking and talking.  Once you master the movement of the pedals and the balancing act, it’s a piece of cake.

I can’t wait until we go to Hilton Head in August and go biking as a family.  Sophie’s timing couldn’t be better.  Ride, Sophie, ride!

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