The Mall Milestone

We’re piling on the milestones as the girls get older.  Today’s notable achievement:  Chloe and a friend shopping on their own at the mall.

Chloe was so jazzed about this newfound independence that when we arrived at the shopping center, she ran towards Old Navy flapping her arms about like a bird bordering on extinction.

Lest you think I simply dropped the girls off and went to the spa, I remained in the same cavernous building. I just stayed far away.  I gave Chloe a gift card so she could do some shopping on her own and left the girls to their own devices – with the stipulation that Chloe stay in touch with me via text.

They wandered for a couple of hours.  After she purchased a pair of shorts she’d been coveting for a couple of months, Chloe texted, “Hey.  I just got the shorts at Hollister! Yay! They were $34.50.  I got to sign the receipt!!!”

I don’t know what Chlo was more excited about.  Finally getting her hands on the shorts or signing the receipt.  But she was happy and if she’s happy, I’m happy.


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