Chloe Shines at the Awards Ceremony

Chloe reaped four academic trophies at today’s ceremony (each class gave out two trophies for each subject):

**Outstanding student in language arts
**Outstanding student in math
**Outstanding student in social studies
**Geography scholar!

Chloe rocked the awards.  Despite my philosophical disagreement with the idea of giving awards to 5th graders for doing well in school (shouldn’t that simply be the expectation?), I’m glad I ditched work today to attend.  I hope her achievement portends continued academic success, especially since the accumulation of awards in the coming years will help her get into a good college – ’cause she’s definitely not going to qualify for any kind of sports scholarship.


Chloe was hoping to get a special award for gym, which is given to the kids who are good sports and bring a good attitude to gym class.  I would have totally pinned her for that award (despite the fact that she’s not the best athlete) but the school is big and I’m sure that Chloe wasn’t the only worthwhile candidate for that particular honor.

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