Chloe, the 6th Grader

I suppose it’s now official.  Chloe, having graduated yesterday from elementary school, is now a middle schooler.  Hard to believe.  She leaves her childhood scholastic years behind with a bunch of trophies and certificates, good memories and lots of smiles.

Below is a photo of Chloe with her best friend.  Look closely – she’s wearing a dress.  A Piet Mondrian-inspired dress, no less.  Don’t stray from this page too quickly, because chances are you won’t see Chloe in a dress again until she graduates from high school.


Next stop is sleepaway camp.  We have to leave at the crack of dawn on Sunday in order to arrive early enough to get first dibs on a bed.  She’s so much like me, it’s a bit disconcerting.  You see, I would have done the same thing myself, except when I went to sleepaway camp, I took a bus like most kids, which meant the time of my arrival was out of my control.  I’m sure I ran as quickly as I could from the bus to the cabin, however, once we arrived.  Because sauntering would have implied that I just didn’t want the best bed all that much…

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