Chloe Wants to Eat Healthy

Chloe is determined not only to cook, but to eat healthier foods. To aid her in her efforts, I am going to take her to the new Fairway early tomorrow morning so that she can go on a food shopping spree.

Her list so far consists of whole grain bread, lots of fruit, whole grain goldfish, jam without added sugar, basil leaves and…drumroll please…vegetables.

I had to ask her to repeat herself when she mentioned that last item. She eats carrots, peas and steamed vegetable dumplings from the local Chinese restaurant, but that’s about the extent of it.

“What kinds of veggies do you want to buy?” I asked. Much to my surprise, Chloe said that lettuce might be a good idea. Color me gobsmacked.

How can I refuse a request like that? I am so motivated to ensure that she gets what she wants that I offered to take her at 7AM when the store opens. I don’t know if either of us will be out of bed by then, but I am going to try, come hell or high water.

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