Chloe’s a Winner

Chloe is the 5th grade winner of our town library’s annual summer reading bookmark contest.  She learned she had won through a couple of kids at our bus stop, who congratulated her on her victory after they saw her bookmark displayed at the library.

Chloe had completely forgotten about her bookmark. She drew it during art class at school and never really realized what it was for.  In fact, because she didn’t realize that it was for the library, she didn’t provide any contact information on her submission.  Just her name and school.  Funny how the suspicious apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

In any case, the librarian called the school the other day so that the office could inform Chloe that she had won, but office never passed the message to Chloe.  It’s a good thing she is acquainted with kids who like going to the library.  Otherwise, she never would have known she had won.

Her winning entry is depicted below, and it’s quite wonderful, if you ask me.  The girl is sitting on some classic children’s books, reading “The Wizard of Oz” and dreaming about the scarecrow, the yellow brick road and ruby slippers.


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