I Love Papa

Papa scored some serious Sophie points today.  He took her to his office for the first time.  And apparently she had a blast.  She drew on the white board (see photo), played on her Nintendo DSi and on the iPad, zoomed around the empty office space on a chair with wheels (and rumor has it Papa joined her zooming around the office on his own chair), went to McDonald’s and drank hot chocolate.

She was thrilled.  Papa enjoyed it, too.  Particularly because everyone who saw them together was extra nice.  There’s nothing like a cute kid to bring a smile to people’s faces.

And there’s nothing better than hanging out with your dad at work.  I used to love going into the city to work with my dad.  Sometimes, my dad would pay me an hourly wage to pretend to help him.  He had a secretary who I thought was terrific.  She used to take me to the nearby dollar store to get fun stuff.  I found out many years later that she had a drug problem.

Sophie left a reminder of her visit on the white board.  Papa’s colleagues will get a big laugh out of it come Monday.  I think she loves her Papa, don’t you?


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