It’s Hard to Believe (Random Thoughts)

That another school year is just about over.  That Chloe will be starting middle school in the fall.  That Sophie will be a second grader.

That Chloe will be leaving us in less than two weeks for a month of sleepaway camp.  That it’s almost officially summer.

That I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life.  That we still have the same cars after six years.  That I just went to my 25th high school reunion.

That Obama was elected almost four years ago.  That we started our month-long French vacation just about one year ago.

That my brother has his PhD and my sister-in-law has defeated breast cancer.  That in the time since my  sister-in-law’s diagnosis last year, three other people, a friend and two others within two degrees of separation from me, have been diagnosed with the disease.

That Sophie is riding a bike without training wheels.  That Chloe now plays tennis better than me.  That my husband has been with the same company for more than 15 years.  That we have lived in the same house for 8 years.

That we endured a minor earthquake, a hurricane and a violent Halloween snowfall all within the span of a few months.  That we had barely any snow at all this past winter.

That it’s 2012.  That my dad’s been dead for 12 years and would have celebrated his 70th birthday this year.


That Chloe will be driving in less than six years and going to college in seven.  That I will be 50 years old in seven years.
That Sophie still sleeps with the burp cloths she first spit on a couple of days after she was born.  That she has more stuffed animals than I ever owned, and I had a lot of stuffed animals.

That Chloe and Sophie are still getting along pretty well – their detente has lasted longer than I ever expected.

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