Mystery Solved

Loyal readers of this blog have likely noticed a recurring theme in my posts over the past several months.  In this particular instance, I’m not talking about my struggles as a full-time working mom wanting to spend more time with my girls.  The theme I’m talking about is the noticeable detente between Chloe and Sophie that has endured for several months.

This phenomenon has continued to surprise me because it’s lasted so long.  Sure, they still have their fighting moments.  But they’re fewer and farther between.  All this time, I’ve been trying to figure out what prompted the ceasefire.  It couldn’t have been simply because they’re getting older.  That’s too pat a reason.

I had my first clue that this was an intentional effort on Chloe’s part when, a couple of months ago, she had an epiphany and realized that in a few short years she’d be off to college and likely wouldn’t live in the same house with her (on a permanent basis, at least) ever again.

But still.  The epiphany didn’t explain why she started being nicer to Sophie in the first place.  And then, the other evening, amidst papers Chloe brought home from school, I found this:


If your eyes are as bad as mine, here’s what it says:  “One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 is to be nicer to my sister.  The reason that this is one of my resolutions is because lately my sister and I have been fighting a lot and I want to be nicer to her.  My other resolution is to memorize the presidents in order from when they first become presidents to now.  I want to do that so I can be one of the first in the class to get my name on the wall.”

So, six months after I first started noticing a change, I finally know why the change occurred in the first place.  I’m amazed that Chloe has kept to her resolution for so long.  And by the way, she memorized all the presidents, too.


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