Sophie Has a Big Heart


Sophie and I went to the movies today with one of her dearest friends and her mom.  The four of us go to a lot of movies together, and we usually go out for lunch at Red Robin before the film.  Today was no different.  The girls love Red Robin because they have balloons for the kids.  After lunch, the girls brought their balloons into the car.  On the way home from the movie, however, her friend’s balloon got stuck in the window while we were speeding down the highway.

The balloon didn’t last long and and blew away after a few seconds.  Sophie’s friend was so sad about the loss of her balloon that Sophie gave her balloon to her friend.  When we told her she didn’t have to do sacrifice her pink balloon, Sophie replied, “That’s ok.  I have lots of balloons at home.”

Sophie’s friend has often done nice things like that for Sophie, so it was particularly heartwarming to see Sophie reciprocate.  My little girl is growing up.  And doing us proud.

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