Attached at the Hip

Ever since Chloe left for camp, Sophie has wanted nothing more than to spend as much time as possible with me.  From morning until night, except when I’m at work, she is attached to my hip.  Like an oversized appendage.

Sophie has started to tap me every time she wants to talk to me.  Tap, tap.  It’s actually more like a gentle slap, slap.  She grabs my hand at every opportunity.  She blows me kisses.  Not just one or two. Lots of them.

She hides my iPhone when she requires my rapt attention. She asks me when I’m going to retire.  “Tomorrow” is the answer I’d love to give.  Instead, I grab her hand harder.

I love having this extra special time with Sophie.  Even if it means spoiling her just a little bit. Today, we bought her a pair of Converse sneakers.  She customized them with colorful grommets and shoelaces.  They’re pink, of course.  It’s hard to resist those big brown eyes.

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