Chloe Comes Home

Tomorrow’s the day.  After a one-month vacation from her family, Chloe comes home tomorrow.  I can’t wait.

The first two weeks of quiet were enjoyable.  And although I loved all the one-on-one time we had with Sophie, the second two weeks were a little too quiet.  I started to miss the chaos, the badgering and  the mess she creates.  Having half the usual mess in the house is just not so fun.

I’m looking forward to hearing her stories about camp and to seeing how much of her stuff – clothing and other – survived the four weeks in the hills.  We’re trying to guess what she’ll want her first meal to be.  I think I have a pretty good idea, but she may surprise us.

I’m also looking forward to her return so I can drag her along to see some movies I’ve been wanting to see (and that my husband will not want to see).  I’m not talking about Spider-Man and Batman, which we all want to experience.  I’m talking about some “smaller” films (here’s looking at you, Woody Allen, Lauren Greenfield and Wes Anderson) that she’ll agree to see if only to brag to her friends that I allowed her to watch them.  Which is reason enough for me.

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