Classic Chloe

By all accounts, Chloe is having a great time at camp.  At least, that’s what she’s telling her Grammy and Sophie.  And she looks happy in every single one of the photos the counselors have taken of her.

But in letters to Papa and me, Chloe is a bit more circumspect.  We received three letters today, all of which she wrote on June 27.  One letter was more like a p.s. than a separate missive.  But I thought I’d reproduce the three of them in their entirety (along with some important annotations for context), because those of you who know Chloe will certainly appreciate them as much as we did.  The notes caused us to laugh out loud.

Mind you, I’ve sent her several letters since last week, asking a bunch of questions.  She has yet to answer them.

Letter #1, entitled “Look at This Card First”

Just to let you know if you get multiple letters on the same day it’s because I write a lot of my letters in the night, so I label them for the next day.  This one though, I wrote in the morning.

Last night we had this stupid evening activity called battle of the sexes.  It was really sexist because the boys had to wear blue and I think you know what the girls had to wear.  I didn’t have anything in friggin’ pink!

In the end it didn’t matter because it was so cold outside that I had to wear my abercrombie sweater and my army jacket.  My counselor asked me to wear my purple shirt, though it really didn’t matter.  I ended up being I think the only girl not wearing pink.  It has been soo cold up here.  I’ve had to wear jeans and sweaters almost everywhere!  [Note: I packed her a brand-new fleece jacket because I suspected it’d get chilly in those hills.  Why she didn’t wear her fleece, I have no idea.]

Letter #2, entitled “P.S. Look at This Card Second”
I hope it gets warmer. That’s one of the reasons I’d like my Cayuga sweatshirt [Note: I tried to convince her to take her Cayuga sweatshirt, but she refused because it’s still a little big on her.  I’m trying hard not to say ‘I told you so.’].

Could I go on a Delaware river rafting trip?  It’s on the 29th.  [Note:  We told her she could go on a rafting trip and deposited extra money in her account for her to do it.  Why she’s asking us permission is beyond me, since we encouraged her to do it.  Plus, she wrote her letter on the 27th and we first received it on July 2nd.  She missed that boat, literally!]

Also, on visiting day could you bring a few Ramen noodles?  I think they make insta-Ramen.  Thanks, Chloe.

Letter #3, no title
There are a couple of things I’d like you guys to bring on visiting day (unless you can ship them easily):

– my Cayuga sweater (in my armoire)
– a bottle of foam soap
– the book “Insurgent” (could that be part of my care package?)

There are a few other things I’d like you to bring but I can’t think of them right now.  I’ll tell you if I think of other things (I probably will).


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