Happy Sophie

The temporary only-child status is doing wonders for Sophie.  She is thoroughly enjoying receiving the totality of her parents’ attention.  And never one to shy away from the cameras, she’s happy to indulge us with a big grin as she decides whether she wants some frozen yogurt or a crepe for dessert.  Given the temperature outside, she wisely chose the former.

Tomorrow we make our way to the Poconos to visit Chloe at camp.  As luck would have it, the day is slated to be a record-breaker, with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees.  And no A/C anywhere.  The lake will be a temptress tomorrow, and I’m already looking forward to floating in its waters.

I’m curious to see how Chloe reacts when it’s time for us to leave.  Will she be sad? Will she shoo us away like she did when we dropped her off?  My guess is the latter, but who knows.  I’d settle for a bigger hug than usual.

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