Will Sophie Sleep Tonight?

Sophie is going through one of her waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-which-sucks-big-time-for-her-insomniac-parents phases.

Every few months, she’ll subject us to a multi-day cycle of waking up and then waking us up from a deep sleep (an occurrence thats all too rare these days).  Last week, she had an excuse.  Her bothersome bloody nose, which tends to have piss-poor timing and manifest itself for several days in a row .  This week, however, is another story.

I don’t know exactly why she’s been getting up.  She claims to be warm because the A/C vents aren’t directly over her head.  Seriously, she’s like the princess and the pea.  I told her she’s probably warm because she sleeps with a menagerie of stuffed animals and pillow pets that create the equivalent of a sweat lodge.

She doesn’t appreciate that response.  At all.  But I stand by it.  Because I’m her mommy and I’m smart. And I know these things.  Stuffed animals give off heat.  I think she has about 30 of them in her bed.  It’s ridiculous.  The animals need a twin bed just to themselves.  Sophie has been relegated to a corner of her mattress.  I’m surprised she doesn’t fall off her bed given her desire to ensure the comfort of her inanimate creatures.

And forget it when my husband or I try to join her on her bed to read books.  God forbid I inadvertently sit on one of her precious pets.  “Mommy!  You’re sitting on Uni!  Mommy!  You’re squishing Penguino!  Mommy!  Get your ass off of Shirley!”  Ok – she doesn’t say that.  But I’m sure she’s thinking it.

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