Fight to the Phone

Erratum:  Chloe requested that I set the record straight about the story below.  She said that what got her goat was that Grammy started dialing the phone to call me as she herself was getting ready to call me, and that just was not fair.  Grammy – do you care to rebut?

Chloe cracks me up.  She’s very righteous.  Has a keen sense of right and wrong.  I guess she’s not so different from most kids her age.  I was certainly like that, too, many moons ago.

As I mentioned in my last post, the girls in Ithaca this week.  I tried calling Chloe on her cell earlier this evening to find out how their day went.  She didn’t answer.  I then dialed my mom.  She didn’t answer, either.

A couple of minutes later, my mom called me back.  I heard Chloe in the background, consternation in her voice, telling Grammy that it wasn’t fair for Grammy to call me back first since I had called Chloe first.  My mom shooed Chloe away and started to fill me in on their trip to Howe Caverns.

Not five minutes later, while still on the phone with my mom, Chloe tried calling me.  I ignored her call (I hate call waiting and only use it in cases of absolute necessity) and continued to talk to my mom.  Two minutes later, it was Chloe ringing again.  She’s nothing if not persistent.

I made Chloe suffer for another couple of minutes and finally took her call.  She wasn’t very pleased with her status as second in line to speak to her mom.  “But you called me first, mom!”  To which I replied, “I may have called you first, but Grammy was the first to return my call.”  Too bad so sad.

I’m flattered.  My girl is so eager to talk to me that she’s willing to enter into a cell phone pissing match. That warms the cockles of my heart.


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