Full Speed Ahead

Non-stop activities today, starting with the bike ride Chloe and I took this morning to the racquet club for a semi-private tennis lesson.  We had a great session with a pro who helped Chloe to refine some of the skills she’s learned over the past year and who assisted me in taking rust off my game.  It was so much fun that we have another lesson tomorrow morning, at which time I may treat myself to a new racquet – the one I have at home was my father’s Prince graphite model from 30+ years ago.

When we returned from tennis, it was time to go swimming.  We spent the next hour or so at the pool, splashing, jumping and making a ruckus.

The water in the pool wasn’t enough for us, however.  Following lunch, we went to the beach for a few hours.  It was low tide and the weather was iffy, but no matter.  The water was the perfect temperature for yet more ruckus and a few feeble attempts at boogie boarding (low tide isn’t a boogie boarder’s friend).

I’m sore and exhausted, but oh so happy to be relaxed and disconnected from the real world.

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