The $5 Challenge

We have been greatly enjoying the outdoors here at Hilton Head, as evidenced by the photos below of the girls at the pool and at the beach.  We finally experienced some real waves yesterday and Chloe caught several good rides on her boogie board.  But…


…when not outside riding our bikes, playing tennis, swimming in the ocean or in pool, we are a family of humans addicted to our iPhones, iPads, iTouch and MacBooks, as evidenced by the photo below:


It truly is pathetic.  To the point where I left my phone at home when we went out to dinner this evening (my fingers didn’t know what do with themselves).

And to the point where my brother challenged Chloe to survive without her cell phone and iTouch for 24 hours in exchange for $5.  Never one to turn down the opportunity to earn a fast buck, she has now been device-free since 6:15 pm this evening.  Chloe is very proud of her fortitude so far.  After all of two hours.  And she’s driving us crazy.

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