The Walking Wounded

We had some excitement at the beach today. As Chloe was attempting a boogie board run, we heard a piercing scream. “My leg! My leg!” she cried. She was not imagining things. Her injury, caused by a nasty jellyfish (the photo below, taken some time after the incident, doesn’t really do the welts justice), was impressive looking.


After initial treatment with a potent vinegar/salt water spray, Chloe was advised to put wet sand and salt water on it. Sophie was extremely happy to serve as Chloe’s nursemaid for this cure, as you can see from the other photo below.


And by the way, I was a particularly awesome mom today. As soon as my darling daughter started to scream, I ran (and I never run) like Forrest Gump to the lifeguard stand to seek assistance, despite my general lack of fitness and loose flab flopping around in the wind. It could not have been an attractive sight. But anything for my injured daughter. Anything.

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