1,300 Blog Posts and a Birthday Party

It’s official.  This blog post is number 1,300.  Pink Me Not will be five years old next month.  Other than my marriage and my kids, this effort to memorialize my kids’ lives is the longest I’ve stayed committed to anything.


Sophie continued her multi-day birthday celebration with a party this afternoon, during which she and a group of nine friends painted ceramic butterflies, hedgehogs and penguins.  A bunch of happy girls, making lots of noise and messily eating cupcakes – what could be better?

We played some of the new games she received for her birthday – Pajaggle and Hedbanz.  The former is a challenging twist on Perfection and the latter is a silly guessing game.  Good choices all around.

We return to our normal programming tomorrow – supermarket and cleaning.  If I’m lucky, I’m going to escape the house for a few hours while Papa and the girls paint pumpkins to do a little shopping and maybe even venture to a movie.   Let the good times roll!

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