Subliminal Messaging

OK, not really so subliminal.  This is what was waiting for me when I went to Sophie’s back-to-school night this evening.

If you’re eyes are as crappy as mine, it’s the top sentence that she wrote for my benefit:  “My favorite thing in the world is spending time with my mom.”  Cue teary eyes.  I’ve been tearing up a lot lately, feeling guilty struggling with my desire to spend more time with Chloe and Sophie. And lately, these small reminders of the difference we can make in our girls’ lives make it even more challenging to maintain the fragile equilibrium between work and everything else.  I’ve been extremely shaky these last few months.

Papa – please don’t take offense at Sophie’s note.  She loves you more than anything.  But she senses the conflict and is utilizing every weapon in her arsenal to bring me over to her side.  Smart cookie, that Sophie.  Smart, smart cookie.

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