To Eat the Ice Cream You Have to Freeze It

Chloe tried to make ice cream for dessert this evening. Unfortunately, however, she’ll need to try again.

She encountered three hurdles that conspired to doom the effort:

1) she mixed in an ingredient too soon, which probably wouldn’t have been fatal if it weren’t for #2 and #3.

2) Chloe realized after she had prepared the ingredients that she needed an ice cream maker to churn the ice cream. Sometimes it’s helpful to know things like this before you throw yourself into a recipe.

3) she would have tried churning herself, but then she realized that to be able to eat the ice cream you need to freeze it. Elementary, my dear Watson.

We obviously would have had no problem overcoming the third hurdle. We have a working freezer. However, the ice cream was meant to be ready after dinner tonight. And allowing it only 15 minutes to freeze – well, our freezer is good but it isn’t that good.

I hope she tries again soon, though. But does that mean we’ll need to get her an ice cream maker?

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