Camping Out Together

We’re all going to sleep in the living room at the girls’ request.  Indeed, we’re all a little scared.  The wind has picked up and is howling persistently and viciously, and the trees seem to be hanging on by a thread.  The only bit of good news so far is that we haven’t had a lot of rain.

We’re in for a terribly long night.  Chloe and Sophie have taken their most cherished possessions down the living room, just in a case a tree falls on our house.

For Chloe, it’s her well-worn Harry Potter books and some other cherished reads, and a couple of stuffed animals given to her when she was a little tyke by Esperanza (we love you and miss you, Esperanza).

For Sophie, it’s all of her stuffed animals.  There’s going to be very little room for us adults.  But if Armageddon hits, at least they’ll be surrounded by furry friends.


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