Chloe Just Spit at Me

And she just spit at me again.  Because I won’t let her use MY computer.  And because the iPad isn’t good enough for her.  And she doesn’t like surfing the Web on her iTouch.  Chloe complains a lot.

The screen of Chloe’s iTouch is cracked in many different places.  The camera doesn’t work either.  How did that happen, you might be wondering.  She’s only dropped it a million times.  She wants a new one.

And she wants her own computer.  But she’ll probably drop the computer a million times, too.  What’s the going age for kids to have their own computers?  I’m not sure I like the idea of her possessing yet another device that pulls her even further away from human interaction.

Chloe’s on a tear this evening.  She’s complaining about everything.  Ten minutes ago, American Eagle Outfitters is too expensive.  And clothing on sale sucks because they’re leftovers no one wants.

Hell, even the “I love you” she muttered before going upstairs to bed came out sounding more like a plaintive wail.  Welcome to adolescence.


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