National Bosses’ Day

I learned that it was National Bosses’ Day today when I received a call from the receptionist at my office that a delivery had arrived for me.   Without a clue as to who could possibly be sending me a gift – other than knowing that it was not my dear husband – the only thought I had was that it was some vendor attempting to catch my attention with some lame giveaway.

When I saw the platter of scrumptious chocolate-covered strawberries sitting on the counter, I immediately knew it wasn’t a vendor.  It had to be someone who knows me.  So I then thought it was perhaps a friend trying to console me on our first Tuesday without Esperanza.

But it wasn’t a friend, either.  It was my team.  Thanking me for being a great boss on National Bosses’ Day.  I was incredibly touched – it was so unexpected.  And not only were there chocolate-covered strawberries, there was a gift certificate to my favorite local restaurant and a beautiful card.

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling for a very long time with my professional ambitions, my desire to find a better balance between family and work, and simply the day to day stress of a job that takes its toll for all sorts of reasons.

But the outpouring of support from my team today served as a reminder of what’s most important to me about my job.  It’s always been about my team.

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