Sophie’s Smarts

I’ve always thought that little Sophie would not be nearly as academic as Chloe.  She’s smart, but not interested in learning.  Sophie is the social butterfly and Chloe is the intellectual, and never the twain shall meet, so to speak.

Chloe loves school.  Sophie tolerates it. Chloe does her homework without any prodding on our part.  We usually have to beg Sophie to do her schoolwork.  Chloe hated aftercare when we subjected her to it in kindergarten.  So far, Sophie loves aftercare (it’s been three weeks), because it’s like having play dates after school three days in a row.

Chloe loves to read.  Always has.  Sophie loves when we read to her.  But she hates reading to herself. Chloe loves to write.  Sophie loves to draw pictures.  And yet…

Sophie is doing very well in 2nd grade.  She came home on Friday with the results of a timed math quiz – 100%.  She’s had a couple of tests like this one since school started, which have shown steady improvement.  This time around, she aced it.

I was pretty surprised.  Listen, I love Sophie more than anything.  But as I’ve already mentioned, she’s not a willing student.  Unlike Chloe, she doesn’t strive to be smart (even though she is), she strives to have fun. All the time.

But I think Sophie might surprise me.  She could very well end up being one of those stealth smart kids.  The ones who pretend to be fun-loving, happy-go-lucky kids but who do well academically despite themselves.  Come to think of it, she really is a lot like her Papa.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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