The Storm is Fast Approaching

And making itself heard.  The wind has increased exponentially since a couple of hours ago, and a first tree branch (small, thankfully) has fallen on our roof with a thud.

No school today.  Offices closed today.  And I’m sure they’ll be closed tomorrow.

Sophie made balloon animals this morning and since then, has been watching a marathon of movies with Chloe.  They haven’t been fighting too much, all things considered.  I’m holed up in my bedroom working while my husband is in the attic – probably not the best location for him to be in, considering what happened to us six years ago.


The trees look like spaghetti waving in the wind and I wonder how much abuse they’ll be able to take before falling down – hopefully not on our house or anyone else’s house.

We still have power, for now.  It will be a miracle if we don’t lose it during this crazy ass storm. Friends around town have already gone dark.  Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

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