Grammy’s Birthday and Sophie’s, Too!

“Do you know what day it is today?” Sophie excitedly asked me when we arrived home this evening. “Sure I do,” I responded, impressed that she remembered her grammy’s birthday.

“It’s Grammy’s birthday and you should call her to wish her a happy day,” I said. Sophie looked crestfallen. “No!” she exclaimed. “Today is November 27th and it’s my half birthday and we need to do something special to celebrate!” Sophie is a very assertive little girl.

“Well, it’s not your half-birthday. It’s your one-sixth birthday. You are seven years two months old today,” I explained. “We still need to do something special,” she insisted. Sophie’s a very stubborn little girl.

“OK. We’ll order a pizza for dinner,” said I. Silence. A fleeting look of disappointment. A hint of a smile. “As long as it’s from Dino’s,” she replied. “No problem,” I responded, relieved at the easy resolution to this sudden crisis. Sophie is also a surprisingly reasonable girl when she wants to be.

Happy birthday, Grammy! We hope you have an amazing year.


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