Hard to Believe It’s Come to This

We are two days post-Frankenstupidstorm and we still have no power (no surprise there). The girls have been staying with my mom who luckily has power. Thanks, mom.

My husband and I are now spending a romantic evening waiting in line for gas around the corner from our house, because I, being the paranoid maniac that I am, fear that we will need to travel to Florida to get gas if power doesn’t start returning to towns soon.

We have been waiting for about 10 minutes so far and have advanced about 15 meters. We have one less mile in our tank. But the car is heated and I’m able to keep my cell phone charged. Just trying to look on the bright side.

And now I have two pressing questions. How long will it take for us to arrive at the front of the line? And once we arrive at the front of the line, will the station still have gas?

At least with the snowstorm last year, we didn’t have to worry about gas.

At least we are all healthy and our house is ok. The devastation this storm has wreaked is astounding and many people are suffering so much more than we are.

But should we need to make an escape next week, I’m determined to be prepared – with a full tank of gas.

P.S. After 90 minutes in line and having our battery temporarily die (thank you kind stranger for providing jumper cables), the gas station closed at 10 pm. There were only about 15-20 cars ahead of us. The station reopens tomorrow at 10 am. Will getting back on line at 8 am be early enough?

This is insane.

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