I Was Wrong

It isn’t 48 degrees in the house. It is currently a very mild 52 degrees.  My husband and I are under four blankets and wearing many layers of clothes.  I am fortunate to have a full head of hair, so am not wearing a hat.  But my husband is wearing a hat over his bald head.  I took a photo of him but he refuses to allow me to post it because he thinks it’s embarrassing.  I think it’s pretty damn hysterical. Hell, I will be wearing socks on my hands to keep warm, since I left my gloves downstairs and it’s too damn cold to retrieve them.

We bought a round of drinks tonight for a team of 20 guys from a company that installs generators, who have descended on our fair state from all over the country to bring the light and heat back to hospitals, schools and other businesses.  The least we can do – these people are working around the clock to get us back to normal.  We, on the other hand, may not be able to enjoy normal for another several days.  But it could be much, much worse.  At least we have a cold roof over our heads.

The girls went trick or treating today – better late than never.  Photos to follow.

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