The Gang’s All Here

Almost everyone, anyway. The rest of the gang will be at my mom’s tomorrow. In the meantime, my aunt and uncle from Ithaca are here and my mom, my brother and my sister-in-law joined us all for dinner.

It’s going to be a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and I am looking forward to spending time with everyone over the next few days. And doing some shopping, and going to the movies and sleeping. And pretending that time is standing still until Monday.

Chloe is baking a pumpkin streusel cake for tomorrow’s feast. Which means that we will not be allowed to get within 20 feet of the kitchen until she’s done and left a huge mess for someone else to clean up.

I will be going to our local bakery bright and early tomorrow morning to buy rolls and cookies, and possibly breakfast treats, if I can get my ass into gear early enough. The bakery run is one of my favorite holiday rituals. There’s something heartwarming about taking a number and standing on an obscenely long line with dozens of fellow Thanksgiving revelers, all buying treats to bring to their families and friends on what is, to my mind, the best holiday of the year.

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