The Post-Hurricane Saga Continues

We’re still at my mom’s apartment.  We are still waiting for our power to return.  We have officially set a record for consecutive days without power, and that’s saying something.

We have lived in our house for eight years and in that time we have suffered through all kinds of traumatic weather events.  A microburst storm in 2006 that caused a huge tree to fall on our house (we only lost power for five days then), the blizzard of Christmas 2010 (no power loss, but a cancelled trip to Vegas replaced with a couple of nights in Atlantic City – not quite the same thing), a minor earthquake the summer of 2011 (no power loss) followed by Hurricane Irene (no power loss, but nasty basement flooding) and Snowtober (power down for 6 days).

Tonight marks our seventh night without power.  Let there be f**king light already! My husband checked on the house today and in bright sunshine it was a balmy 55 degrees.  I can only imagine what the temperature will be when we’re back there tomorrow night, on the coldest night since last winter.  Bets, anyone?  I’m wagering 48 degrees.

And, yet. It’s easy to keep this inconvenience in perspective.  All one needs to do is look at the photos of the devastation online – if you can get online.

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