I spent a couple of hours yesterday sifting through videos of the girls from a few years ago, attempting to cull the garbage from the footage we absolutely must keep.

I found a lot of good stuff. Which mostly served to remind me how lucky we are to have Chloe and Sophie to entertain us. Sophie started manifesting her personality when she was about two. Some of her sounds and facial expressions haven’t changed in five years. Chloe tortured Sophie plenty when Sophie was a toddler and she was 7-8 years old. Sophie wasn’t having any of it. That hasn’t changed in five years, either.

I will post a few of these videos over the next few days. Some of them had me laughing out loud. The dancing, the singing, the shaking of booty, the eating, the acting (there is a video of Chloe impersonating her Papa, clothing and all), the grimacing, the yelling….

These brief snapshots in time make me so very happy to be their mom.


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