Sophie’s Letter to Santa

Sophie wrote her annual letter to Santa, all by herself.  The text and the spelling are all hers.  I told her one Mallomar was enough for Santa because he was on a diet and that she didn’t need to leave him a glass of milk because he was also lactose intolerant.


To Santa

From Sophie

I hope you enjoy this cookie and thak you for all of the presents each year!  I can’t wait to see< IMG_1060

what I got from who.  I rilly hope this year that you like this Christmas tree and there’s a ornament that I made. It’s a snow flake. It’s mostly orange and pink.  It’s made of miny snow flakes that are hole punched.  And please take this card with you to the North Pole and hang it up some ware.

Love, Sophie


Santa rocks.


Happy Christmas!

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