The Night Was Long and Today Was Better

Sorry about my melodramatic rant yesterday. After I posted the blog entry, the shit continued. But now that it’s 24 hours later, it all seems a lot funnier than it was last night.

Karma is a funny thing. We got home from the Verizon store and dinner, and Sophie was still complaining that she wasn’t feeling so well (she had started at the restaurant). She went to bed almost immediately. Soon after, we suddenly lost power. Annoying as hell, because it was the second or third time this week. About two hours into the darkness and cold, Sophie woke up, came into our room, climbed into our bed and puked. Mostly on Papa’s side, thankfully.

Ever try changing pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers in the dark, cleaning a kid who reeks of vomit and hoping that you don’t step in any of it because you can’t see a thing? Chloe was useless – oblivious to all the excitement, as she remained cloistered in her room talking on FaceTime the entire time.

Sophie then went back to her bed where she puked again. Still no power. We then put her back in my bed, which she re-consecrated with god knows what food. Twice. My husband was the chosen one – stuck changing the linens each time, since by then I had fallen asleep in Sophie’s bed. It was only after the third Sophie’s-possessed-by-the-devil moment that the power came back on. The whole second floor of the house smelled like an unsanitary hospital.

Sophie generated more laundry in the span of a few hours than she does in a month. And the icing on the cake? Our clothes dryer, which had been out of service for a week and supposedly repaired yesterday afternoon, was still very broken after all. We discovered the joys of the local wash ‘n fold laundromat today.

We knew Sophie was really feeling sick this morning when she asked, yes asked, to go see her doctor. Who confirmed what we already knew – she was down with a contagious bug but should be better by Monday. I’ve never washed my hands so many times in one day!

We missed our annual holiday show with our friends at the New Victory Theater, but at least Sophie started to show signs earlier this evening of the Sophie we know and love. Receiving an American Girl doll for Hanukkah certainly helped, I’m sure. She has red curly hair and has been baptized Coraline.

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