Happy New Year 2013!

As we approach the first minutes of 2013 after enjoying a lovely dinner among good friends and family, I have never experienced as much eager anticipation about starting a new year as tonight.  Other than, perhaps, when I was 8 months pregnant with Chloe as 2000 ended and 2001 began.

When I imagine the limitless possibilities for the year ahead for my family and me, I can’t help but smile.  It’s a sentiment I haven’t felt in a long time, and one that’s been long overdue.  I’ve never paid much heed to the expression “the world is your oyster” – it’s a cliche to end all cliches.  But tonight, I admit to feeling like maybe there is some truth to it.


The girls spent time with dear friends tonight – the world is definitely their oyster.  Their gleeful exuberance is one of endless horizons and laughter and hope.  And for once, I sort of get where they’re coming from.

Happy 2013 to all my family and friends.  And especially to my husband, Chloe and Sophie – the lights of my life.  I love you so very much.

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