How Do You Get Babies?

I told the girls that our friends are pregnant with their fourth kid. Sophie was perplexed. “How’d they get so many kids?” she asked. “Did they go to the store?”

Yes, they went to the store of love. Here we go. When I revealed that there was no such store, she asked again, how’d they get another one?

Chloe looked on with great amusement, eager to see how this conversation would turn out. I explained that the mommy and daddy need to hug and kiss a lot to make a baby. To which Sophie replied, “Then that means you’re going to have a baby, too!”

I meekly tried to counter her argument by further explaining that it was a little more complicated than that. We were in a pizzeria, after all, and I had no desire to teach Sophie about sex over mozzarella cheese.

Good thing is that when you’re seven, you have no attention span. After the brief back and forth, Sophie had tired of the subject (the image of her mommy and papa kissing grosses her out, anyway) and moved on to other things.

Crisis averted.

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