Skating Lesson #2

Sophie survived her second ice skating lesson today.  No thanks to me.  After just a few short minutes on the ice, the teacher sought me out because her skates were to big.  So I ran to the rental counter to get her a new pair.  They fit her much better.  Sophie returned to the ice, brave as can be.   Shortly afterwards, the teacher sought me out again because I hadn’t tied her skates tight enough.  Sophie returned to the ice a second time, brave as can be.

She didn’t have the benefit of the walker during this class, so she had to navigate her way on the ice by herself.  Which she managed to do much more adeptly once her skates were on correctly.  She even started to shuffle backwards.

I promised Sophie that I’d take her to the public session tomorrow so she can practice.  Not sure how it will go, as I pretty much suck.  However, I was paying attention to the teachers today, so I know how to fall and how to stop myself.  And if we both manage to stay standing, I’ll consider the afternoon a smashing success.


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