When We Get Cell Phones

Sophie spent the afternoon with her best friend (we’ll call her ‘E’) from pre-K.  They became fast friends when they were 3-4 years old – E takes very good care of Sophie and has always been sensitive to Sophie’s moods.  E is very energetic and very silly, and has a way of making Sophie burst out laughing with almost every word that comes out of her mouth.

It was Sophie’s turn to take care of E today.  E just learned that the foster baby who’d been living with them the past couple of months would be taken away next week to live with his three-year old sister at a new foster family.  E talks of the baby as her brother and her moms were hoping to adopt him.  They’re all very sad.

On our way back from lunch today, E proclaimed out of the blue that “When we get cell phones, we’ll have to exchange our phone numbers right away.”  Sophie didn’t know how to respond other than “Okay!”  Let’s face it – Sophie has another four years before she gets a cell phone, but it’s always good to plan ahead.

They spent the first part of the playdate watching different versions of “Gangnam Style” videos on You Tube.  E highly recommended the Mitt Romney-themed video.  Sophie thought the Navy performance was by far the best.  Later in the day, they found videos of cats pooping in the toilet.  They may be eagerly anticipating the day when they’re old enough to get cell phones, but in the meantime, they’re still only seven years old.


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